February 11 2020 6D Result (PCSO 6-Digit)

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 PCSO Six-Digit results are as follows:


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**Your numbers must be in the same arrangement as today’s results to win prizes**

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PCSO 6D Result Prizes

(as of 02/11/2020)

  • 6D: 1st Prize (All 6 digits) you win Php 150,000.00 (Minimum Guaranteed Amt.)
  • 6D: 2nd Prize (First 5 or last 5 digits) you win 40,000.00 Pesos (MGA)
  • 6D: 3rd Prize (First 4 or last 4 digits) you win 4,000.00 Pesos (MGA)
  • 6D: 4th Prize (First 3 or last 3 digits) you win 300.00 Pesos (MGA)
  • 6D: 5th Prize (First 2 or last 2 digits) you win 40.00 Pesos (MGA)

Visit this page if you want to read more about the PCSO Prize Payout scheme for the 6-Digit game.

Note: No draw for 4-Digit tonight. 4D result will be available tomorrow (February 12, 2020).

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