EZ2 2D & SWERTRES Results October 3, 2016

Below are today’s EZ2 and Swertres result for October 3, 2016 11am, 4pm and 9pm Monday PCSO draws:

Swertres Result:

  • 11am: 0-2-3
  • 4pm: 2-3-7
  • 9pm: 2-9-7

EZ2 Result:

  • 11am: 03-06
  • 4pm: 24-19
  • 9pm: 17-20

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Note: The results above shall be updated within 30 minutes twenty to thirty minutes after each swertres and ez2 draw.

PCSO EZ2 and Swertres Result 10/3/2016 Prizes

  • If you played EZ2 (Standard):
  • -Phil. Peso 4,000 for 2 winning nos. in exact order

  • If you played EZ2 (Rambolito):
  • -Phil. Peso 2,000 for 2 nos. in any order

  • If you played Swertres (Standard):
  • -Phil. Peso 4,500 for tickets that has 3 correct numbers in exact order

  • If you played Swertres (Rambolito):
  • -Phil. Peso 1,500 for tickets that has 1 pair of correct numbers.
    -Phil. Peso 750 for tickets that has 3 numbers in any order

Please report to us any incorrect October 3, 2016 PCSO EZ-2 or Suertres result above.

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